Day Five: Aquaculture

Though some still call it farming, there is a reason we refer to it as "aquaculture"...

We refer to Iceland's method of fish farming as aquaculture because there is a distinct difference between Iceland's methods of farming than the conventional "plastic tub" (land based) fish farms.

A thirty minute drive north of Patreksfjörður, we arrived to another small town, with one of the biggest salmon processing facilities. Here we took a 20 minute boat ride out to the middle of the ocean, and saw first-hand how and where salmon are farmed.

When matured, these salmon are transported in vacuum-like tubes that transfer the young salmon in the same ocean water they've been kept in, to 100 meter diameter nets in the middle of the ocean, where they are nurtured and fed for 18 months, until they reach their ideal 5 kilo size.

The salmon are monitored carefully with underwater cameras, in order to make sure they are properly fed and in healthy living conditions. Being in the middle of the ocean allows the salmon to swim through the ocean's currents and temperatures making for a more natural growth cycle.

Never, are these salmon fed antibiotics, artificial colors, or hormones. Their feed is completely organic and of the highest quality.

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