Day Seven: Surreal Ending

Yes, we saw the Northern Lights. And yes, these pictures were taken by us.

I couldn't believe it myself. What a way to end the trip. Seeing the Northern Lights is honestly just random luck. It's one thing to see a small glimpse, but these lights were ravishing through the sky like giant waves. It was incredible.

Seeing this the final night of the trip made me remember how wondrous Iceland's nature really is. And how the people take great care in preserving the country's purity. It's no surprise that you can drink from rivers and eat the most organically raised lamb on the planet.

There's no question Iceland's seafood benefits from the country's preserved state. Clean waters, cool temperatures, natural feed, and centuries of expertise, all create an environment for fish to thrive. There are also strict government regulations to ensure the sustainability of all species being fished.

So why hasn't Los Angeles been able to enjoy this great fish I keep talking about? Because the only Icelandic seafood you could find in Los Angeles was frozen.

Nordic Catch is changing that.

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Thank you so much for reading, and thank you to all my friends, family, and colleagues that are all making this possible.

Julian Plateado, CEO

Nordic Catch

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