Day One: Local Market Eats

Settling in and getting over the jet-lag from our 9-hour flight was first on the agenda.

Nothing better than a relaxed day in downtown Reykjavik, enjoying "Lax og avocado" (Smoked salmon and avocado) from ROK, with a side of toast for brunch.

It wasn't my first time in Iceland, but every year you can see a diversifying culture in all aspects: fashion, entertainment, and cuisine. The downtown bars and restaurants don't only focus on their menus, but each have a unique theme to their decor and atmosphere.

You can even spend your evening at a local cafe, where they have a full line of "design-in-your-espresso-drinks", delicious croissants, and savory club sandwiches, and... beer (cause why not?) Kaffibrennslan, isn't your typical Starbucks-type coffee house.

Talk about attention to detail, Lebowski Bar went all out with their Hollywood-retro themed bar. Movie quizzes every week, Cocoa Puffs White Russians, and trying your luck at the free-drink wheel, just some of the fun things to try here.

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